While now may not be the ideal time to move to a new apartment, sometimes we don’t have a choice. Moving is a stressful time under normal circumstances, but with a little preparation, a change of address during the pandemic becomes easier to pull off. 

If your moving day is looming, here are three tips to help you move to your new apartment safely during the pandemic. 

Be Organized

If you plan to sort through personal belongings to either move them to a storage unit or donate them, allow yourself plenty of time to sort through those items and distribute them before moving day arrives. 

“Goodwill and Salvation Army locations near you will have rules that reflect state and local guidelines, so make sure you check the local site, not just the national one,” advises Kelly Lawler of USAToday.com. Some donation centers require that you make an appointment in advance, so reach out and plan ahead. Here are the most popular donation centers near La Habra. 

Be Prepared

As moving day nears, allow yourself plenty of time to pack your belongings. Don’t be tempted to use secondhand boxes or packing materials as they can carry the virus. Instead, purchase plenty of new packing materials and plan on having your items boxed and ready to go at least 24 hours before moving day. 

“Coronavirus can last a long time on surfaces, including up to 24 hours on cardboard boxes,” explains moving expert Laura Mueller at moving.com “Your movers will be wearing gloves, but for everyone’s safety you should still have your boxes packed and sitting untouched at least a day before your movers arrive.”

Be Safe

If your moving team consists of a small number of friends or family members, or you’ve arranged for a professional moving crew, stock up on cleaning supplies. It’s an easy and effective way to keep everyone safe. 

Here are some items to have on hand during your move:

  • Personal protective equipment, like extra masks and disposable gloves
  • Hand sanitizer
  • Disinfectant
  • Soap and paper towels in the bathroom

If moving day is looming, these three tips will help ensure you prepare during the pandemic. At Fair Oaks, we can’t wait to welcome you home!