There is something particularly magical about visiting a museum, especially in these uncertain times. According to an article by Rebecca Carlsson, museums can act as an anchor that ties our community together and help us learn and grow from the past. Visiting museums could be more important than ever before as we continue to adapt to life after COVID-19. 

While La Habra isn’t known for being a hub for museums, La Habra Historical Museum is one of our favorite museums in Orange County. Not only does the museum continuously change to offer new exhibits, but their permanent collections also change to adapt to the times. If you’re looking for a new place to explore and learn about California history, La Habra Historical Museum is the place for you. Here’s why.

Charming Ambiance

According to one reviewer on Tripadvisor, the La Habra Historical Museum is reminiscent of the museums you can find in Boston. With elegant and quaint architecture, the museum is beautiful to look at and, although small, offers a full history of La Habra from the Native Americans to the present day.

You won’t have to spend all day at this museum to leave feeling like you have learned something special about the La Habra community. You don’t have to travel too far to experience a special piece of history—you can find it in your own backyard!

Great for All Ages

Whether you’re old or young, you’ll enjoy the history La Habra Historical Museum has to offer. With a full history of La Habra and various categories of information about film, music, literature, science, and more, anyone you bring to the museum will find something interesting to enjoy. 

There are also different forms of information to enjoy—including a mural, a small store, and a movie room. Whether you learn by reading, listening, or watching, you and your loved ones will have different methods of doing just that. Go alone or bring your kids or grandparents—all ages will enjoy this hidden gem.

Regular Events

On top of permanent exhibits, La Habra Historical Museum updates their current collections to reflect the month. For example, in April, they feature special exhibits with information all about La Habra’s annual Citrus Fair in April. Similarly, they offer information about the annual Corn Festival in August. 

Offering relevant information, these exhibits answer questions about why these two events are celebrated, as well as why they’re celebrated as a fair and festival. 

La Habra Historical Museum is just one thing that makes La Habra, California special. If you’re interested in moving and looking for apartments in La Habra, consider checking out Fair Oaks Apartment Homes! We would be ecstatic to welcome you to our community.

Photo Credit: La Habra Historical Museum