The beach can be an idyllic place, somewhere you go to get away from it all after a long week. In just a half hour to 45 minutes from La Habra, you can catch some waves or soak in the sun at Long Beach, Newport Beach, and Huntington Beach. But, a day at the beach loses some of its luster when you sink your toes into the sand and step in garbage. 


If you want to clean up your beach and help its natural beauty shine through, you can get the job done while maintaining social distancing guidelines. Put a plan in place, get your crew together, and let everybody know how awesome your beach looks afterward. Here are a few tips to make your beach cleaning experience successful. 


Find the Right Time

The right day and time will make a big difference in how much trash you are able to remove from the beach. Head out at low tide, when the most garbage will be exposed on the beach. Get started just as the tide is starting to head out to give yourself the best opportunity to clear the junk. You will want to pick a day at the beginning of a warm season, so early fall or late spring are ideal times for your project. 

Assemble Your Team

Beaches are opening, but there are still restrictions in place. Unfortunately, this isn’t the time for a strength in numbers approach to beach cleaning. Instead, stick to a small group of family members and maybe some close friends. Though this probably means your crew is not as big as you’d like, your small army can still work wonders with a little extra effort. Observe social distancing guidelines, and find out ahead of time whether or not the parking lot has been reopened where you’re going.

Don’t Forget to Brag

When it comes to community service, it is completely okay to brag about it, especially on social media. (Instagram is a great social media app to share photos.) People want to see what you and your team have accomplished. Perhaps you can even get your local government officials to chime in on your success.


Keeping the beach clean is a community effort. When everybody pitches in, the beach can be a safe place for all to enjoy. Don’t let COVID-19 get in the way of taking care of your local beaches; you can still make a difference while maintaining social distancing practices.